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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
1) Derrick is one of the most genuine and best people I have had the fortune to meet and play against.

2) Shooting him? NOT a small feat. Period. in the 2006 NSA I one balled him after my run in - and nearly spiked my marker and walked off the field. I was like 'I am done here!'.

Just a class act all the way around. I am ENVIOUS of that dog tag.

True statement right here, It was great watching you guys go at it. ( I watched the NSA tourney when you guys came out here )

Very cool dogtag, what tourney are you guys playing in?

Not an easy feat to earn one, Derrick is the man at one on ones!

( Also it's a good thing he gave you that dog tag, you didnt have to scratch your kill into the side of your j12 )

WTB RTR Gargoyle

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