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Wait, what?
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Originally Posted by llaw999 View Post
Behind a bunker, it's probably a wash.
Pretty much, which is why I actually am going to try bolt action soon. Even with stock class/pistol you really only get the shot you take when you snap out and then have to duck back, making the action behind the bunker negligible.

Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
Thanks for the go-ahead.

You're a hipster for defending someone from a petty, infantile, bigoted attack???
I know you keep saying "bigoted" because it makes it sound like you have a strong argument but go re-read the thread in question. I did and I can't even find the remotest trace of bigotry. Maybe you're interpreting the Finnish dude's post that way or something but seriously, he's Finnish, so I'd expect him to be pretty damn goofy (that's bigotry for those keeping score at home; please note it was only meant as a light ribbing ).

Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
It's ok to trash someone and leave it up there because he's not a friend of the mod team???

That's exactly what this is.

If that was drum they were talking about every one would be temp banned and the tread would be gone.
Frankly, doubt it. If the mod team put up a psychotic-sounding self-aggrandizing post (oh, and then attacked the people who questioned them on it... you kept forgetting that part) I'm pretty sure the membership would have teased them in exactly the same way. Just search for anything Mar's ever said if you need reference .

Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
I'm no longer a commando, I won't visit this site ever again.
Best of luck to you. Be cautious - the internet is full of people saying things you might disagree with and the moral high road is windy and treacherous when your sense of superiority is all you have to protect you.

My big takeaway from all this is.... I really didn't need to see that picture of Mar again. Really didn't.
Originally Posted by Hooligan
I found a way to make a sabot for a twinkie. The other tanks smell like banana cream filling now.
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