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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
This would have been better posted in the members only section. The OP just asked how he can get in touch with him and why he needs too...Not to have a debate on shipping or contacting a buyer ..This is just stupid how off topic things have gotten..
I agree with you completely. I just wanted it to be seen by more people so hopefully someone could get in touch with him.

I have no hard feelings, or anything like that towards him. I'm just wondering whats up. He still hasn't logged back on to MCB, or responsed to my email. A few of you guys said you knew him and could get in contact with him but I haven't heard anything more about that at all either.

I sent payment on Jan,27,2013. I haven't heard anything since.So its not too far off the 44 day waiting period. Bottom line is I'd much rather get the part then a refund. I don't care about waiting for it, I made that clear, said the slowest USPS ground shipping is fine. I would just like to know if it indeed is on the way or not.

A mod can move this to the members only section if they feel like it. Most people who know him or have any good input are greenies anyways.
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