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played with mine yesterday, stock except for freak barrel (freak jr back, all american 14" front). i am quite impressed with its performance at the 130.00 price point. a little louder than what i was hoping for. 1 barrel break when chronoing, but that is my fault (purposely made paint more brittle). below are some things i noticed.

-running at 185 psi using a .680 bore insert to get mid 270 FPS shooting Draxxus Midnight paint and Empire Premium Gold.
-pretty consistent out of the box.
-small amount of kick, not enough to agitate my winchester to consistently feed.
-anno seems to scratch easily on regulator, asa, and bolt sleeve. not sure if common of markers at this price point.
-feedneck sits a little bit higher than i would like (about as high as a regular cocker feedneck), but i guess this helps with the ball stack for gravity feed hoppers.
-feedneck can rotate when inserting hopper even when fully tightened down.
-barrel threads are set back in marker about the same as a cocker. i see this as a plus, lets you run a longer barrel without it feeling as long.
-regulator with macro line at bottom of regulator and swivels, a big plus.
-regulator does not degas when tank is removed, it stores an extra shot.
-shiny plastic body kit looks and feels cheap, should have just stuck with the same dust black grn look (or dust colors) on the body.
-ion threads (much quicker to thread barrels on and off), wondering if alpha can rethread marker to cocker threads.
-not sure how i feel about the grips, i prefer the finger grooves to the thin horizontal grooves.

overall, pretty happy with the purchase. i got lots of kills yesterday with the marker (plenty of one shot kills too). planning on getting a New Designz Skeleton bolt to hopefully quiet down the marker. since it weighs 10.5 grams versus 27 grams for the stock bolt, it should also reduce kick. not really sure if a on/off asa is really needed as it does have a safety and my tank easily screws on and off (drop of Triflow on asa threads, and tank is outputting 475psi).
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