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Originally Posted by Panda's Revenge View Post
Big fan of your videos man!
I really wish I could find someplace like that where I live.
It would be much more fun without paying as much money.


Yeah, I used 400 paintballs yesterday, we played from 9:00am until around 12:00. Got about 10 games in, and a bunch of civil war games. One tank of Co2. So I had about $12 in costs for the day!

We have over 30 acres of woods, (50 acres total) and our neighbors wouldn't care if we used their 50+ acres of woods if we wanted too. But, the 10 acres we play on is plenty as we never have gotten bored with it yet. So many hiding places and ways to go, and you have to cross at least one creek to get from one camp to the other.

I'm thinking of building a sniper shack for next year...
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