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Thanks, I think you might have to sign up on the forum to view the threads. Here it is:

Instructions from MondoMor:

Direct connection may work as well. Brainstorming:

Connect the grounds (-) of both boards together first. On the Rip Clip board, connect the ground close to the microphone. Then take one of the wires to the TM-7 solenoid (on the S+ testpoint of the TM-7 board) and connect it to the anode of a diode (cheap 1N4007 or so). The cathode of the diode should go through a 4.7k resistor to the clockwise-most terminal on a ~5k potentiometer. The anti-clockwise-most terminal should be connected to ground. The wiper of the pot should connect to the microphone's non-grounded lead through a 1k resistor.

The microphone may or may not need to be removed.

The pot will act as a volume control, dividing down the solenoid pulse to a lower voltage which may be more suitable for the microphone circuit. The diode keeps the negative-going pulse away from the Rip Clip board. The 1k resistor keeps some resistance between the microphone lead and ground, even when the pot is turned all the way down. The 4.7k resistor on the 5k pot makes sure the amplitude heading to the Rip Clip board won't be greater than about 4 volts.

To test, turn the "volume" control fully counter-clockwise and start shooting. Slowly turn up the volume until the board reacts to the shots. If it doesn't, try exchanging the 1k resistor between the pot wiper and board with a 470 ohm, then a 100 ohm. If it still doesn't work, some more sophisticated circuitry may be needed. It may even be necessary to flip the diode backwards, and use the negative-going solenoid pulse to fire the board.

I don't have a Rip Clip, or even a Reloader B board. I do have a board for a TSA that I'm repairing (another Empire/Kee sound-activated hopper), plus a spare TM-7 board. The sound activation may work differently, but I'm willing to give it a try.


Holy crap, it worked!

I can draw up a schematic, but the circuit I described above successfully triggered my TSA to feed every time the solenoid fired!

Instead of the potentiometer, I used a 10k resistor from the diode to the microphone, and a 1k resistor from the mic to ground. Sound activation no longer works, probably because of the 1k in parallel with the mic.

With a simple 1/8" jack and plug, this could be made removable, so the sound activation worked on the hopper when not plugged into the TM-7.

It's just like AGD's Intellifeed. Everything old is new again.


I am not sure how the Rip Clip works, other than it picks up the noise when you fire your paintball gun. I am having trouble with the Rip Clip detecting the sound though.

I was hoping to be able to RF connect them, but the SP1 board does not have RF capability. I did find out that the Virtue board has RF though, and they are on sale right now, so I bought the Virtue board.

I would still like to know how to direct wire it though, if it can be done.

Thanks again.
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