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Chrono variances?

Shouldn't all chronos be pretty equal in their measurements?

Here's what happened to me. Yesterday, I played at a new field out of town (I was there for a conference, and naturally decided to take a marker in case I got some time to play.) Their chrono was one of the white/grey handheld variety, while my home field uses the large red free-standing variety (Paintball Radar brand maybe?)

Upon my initial chrono at this new field, I was shooting way hot, in the 320 range. The last time I played, I was chroned right at 270-280. That was three weeks ago.

I use a T2, with a Deadly Wind 14" with sizers chosen for a slight underbore to prevent rollouts. The T2 reg is sweet spotted, in the 250ish range (don't actually know the actual output pressure, as it is sweet spotted...) The only variables then, besides location, were different paint (FPO at both fields) and this chrono. The new paint was Valken Infinity, whereas the paint at my home field is DXS, both in the .678-681 range as far as I can tell.

What would account for an almost 50 fps change? Surly not the paint. While different, it was a appropriately sized neither hugely underbored or over bored. The weather was about the same, maybe a little warmer yesterday, but only by maybe 10 degrees or so. The new field has a lower altitude, but only by a few hundred feet. Am I missing any variables?

This all makes me think that the different chronograph was calibrated too low compared to the more expensive and larger variety. Anecdotally, my shots did seem softer, and had less range. Has anyone experienced this? A "bad" chronograph?

This may beg the question, how fast am I really shooting at my home field? Maybe that one is calibrated too hot? How does one accurately calibrate a chronograph anyway?

Thoughts? Other experiences?
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