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Help me find the right model

Hello, I'm looking to build a Bolt Action KP and I'm trying to find the right model. I do own 2 PGPs one short barrel and the other alittle big longer and love how simple a d smooth they are. Now I'm looking for a Kp2? I think the one with a longer barrel and stock feed tube. My questions are:

What model should I be looking for? I want feed tube on top or side doesn't matter, what models will I be looking for?

Price range?

Anyone have one for sale?

Final question: mine both shoot great and mainly sit and don't see field time so I don't tinker with them much so internals are new to me. How are they guns? Easy to maintain and keep tuned? Really looking into them and seem like I would like one for milsim rifle or weekend play!

Thanks guys, I'm going to continue my research, but this would help me a lot! Have a good day!
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