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B.O.M.A.G.S. Scenario Tactics

Hi Guys,

Might of met a few of you earlier this month at Conserve & Conquer. I was the one in digital camo with the riot shield. The guy that provided the bomb.

As I may of mentioned to a few of you. I've been doing private parties for about 6 years now at various Southern California Parks. I decided to come up with a group name. We are known as the B.O.M.A.G.S. which stands for Bunch Of Mostly Average GuyS. We don't play too often but when we do we go all out.

If you've played with us in the past......guess what? Consider yourself part of the BOMAGS group!

The feedback I received from our first event was to have more scenario based games, we only played 1 last time and everyone had fun with it. This time I plan to have most if not all games scenario based.

SATURDAY MARCH 16TH will be our second private event @ SC Village. I plan to keep it tactical and scenario mission based. I'm talking hostage escorts, demolition, search & destroy and a few other ideas that I have in mind.

I plan to keep the group small. No more than 40 players total (20 vs 20) so that tactics can actually be applied. I want to keep most of the games on fields such as Bosnia, Beruit, Baghdad, Kosovo, and Somalia.

This will NOT be a limited paint event and Hopper/Marker hits will not count. Surrendering will be optional. Grenades, Riot Shields, and Melee weapons are welcome.

Each round will end with a winning team and a losing team. The winning team will be the team that completes their objective, losing team will be the team that failed to prevent the other team from completing their objective (i.e getting the hostage to safety or if you are the other team taking out the hostage, planting the bomb and keeping it safe until "explosion" or if you are the other team, preventing bomb plant/defusing bomb, ect) Games will be played on a best out of 3 scale, meaning that the first team to win 2 rounds on 1 field first wins that scenario event. Sides will be switched after each round (along with corresponding objective)

As I mentioned before I plan to keep this game limited to 40 players. A complaint I had from the last event was that it took us too long to get everyone gathered up to start. I intend to start this event as soon as we have 30 players ready to go. Players that arrive late can hop in on the next game.

$35.00 Includes rental equipment (marker, hopper, tank, mask) entrance, and all day air
$28.00 Includes entrance and air (for self equipped players)
$25.00 (with valid Military I.D.) includes rental equipment (marker, hopper, tank, mask) entrance, all day air, and 200 paintballs.


If this sounds like something that may interest you please visit our page on FB

click the event tab and click "JOIN"

If for any reason something comes up and you can no longer come out please change your status accordingly so that I may allow others to fill in.

I ASK THAT YOU DO NOT SHARE THE EVENT ON YOUR PERSONAL FB PAGE OR EXTEND THE INVITATION ON OTHER FORUMS. I'd hate to have to turn away people and I am really focused on keeping the teams at 20 players.

If you do not have a FB account feel free to send me a Private Message.

Feel free to check out my videos of past events on


- StReaKeR
B.O.M.A.G.S. Head Honcho

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