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Originally Posted by gotzskillz View Post
A couple things I'd like to do is add detents, wedgits, rva, and front virt CA. Now for y'all's help, I need to know if theses are possible and links to DIY's if there are any. Now for pics!

don't know of any how to's for those things.but here's my advice.

Detents-dont really need them but a simple one to copy is the wire/ball PPS
style.cocker style you need extra brass soldered on the side of barrel.

Wedgits-simple ones can be made by 3 drops of finger nail polish.
to do a PPS style you'd need a special fixture.

RVA- with the back bottle?you drill and tap the ASA.if you you can't do it
a few people around here can for a fair price,just ask..

Vert ASA-I'd say try the back bottle first,they feel great. IMO.
it's not going to be simple/cheap to change your set up.

I'd also suggest to use FINE steel wool or scotch brite pads to clean the parts
and just replace the o-rings and try the gun out set up like it is,the RVA is a 'must have' mod though.
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