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Originally Posted by WldWzl View Post
I didn't mess with velocity yet or anything, brand new out of the box, just wanted to hear some thoughts.
That's probably the problem....
velocity MUST be adjusted out of the box (unless you're damn lucky!).

your twelvies might also be in cause (length, inside pressure).
Length is not a real problem anymore, because you can adjust the cap (read that f###### manual ).

We don't see leland in Europe, but changing your twelvie brand can really impact your gun tweakings: a gun may have a 20 shots autonomy @260fps with a brand and go down to 12-14 shots with another brand and the same settings

Of course, external temperature is also something that should be cared about: results may will vary if you are playing in Alaska during winter or in New Mexico in mid summer.

hope that helps...

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