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Originally Posted by Rancid1845 View Post
I cant seem to get the bolt/ top tube assembly out of my new old KP-3. Can someone help me I cant even figure out how to remove the part that the cocking rod pushes back.
have a knurled knob on the back of the bolt?
pull that knob straight back and hold it,it will release the pump rod,pull it out of the bolt.
push the bolt closed,then pull the back enough to let the BB unlock from the holes.
rotate the bolt clockwise so the cocking lug is the slot on the side of the barrel.
if the lug has a small screwdriver slot unscrew it,not 100% which type it has..
if it doesn't just push the lug in with a screw driver or something and rotate it in the barrel towards the top..
then just pull the bolt out the back..
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