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I'm cheap all around. Never owned a Jersey, use any old moto gloves, or whatever I have. I finally got some paintball specific pants from my wife for Christmas a few years ago, and while I do use them, I'm not all that impressed. If I slide, my knees still hurt. I wear an old JT mask, but always pony up for a Thermal lens when I finally think mine is so scratched and has taken so many hits that I feel it's borderline unsafe and I usually play in old running shoes I have lying around. I think it may be that when I started playing everyone either wore jeans and a shirt or the "good" players typically had military surplus BDU's. anything else just seemed like hype from the speed ball arena that at the time I saw as killing the game I loved.
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If you can't be bothered to pick up your 12 grams, you don't deserve to be playing on a field. You have pockets. Use them.
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Chad Thompson is Paintball!
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