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Originally Posted by DAVID(GEN) View Post
I don't see why that wouldn't work.
The only problem that I could potentially see is if for some reason it takes too much power from the solenoid and cause it not to cycle right. But honestly if I was you I would have already tried to see if it worked
I would have tried it, but didn't think of it. That is why I posted asking for help. The way the soleniod connects to the board through the socket/pin setup would make it hard to solder onto, not much to attach to. I was trying to wire it to the trigger. I think wiring to the solenoid, if possible would work because in theory it would send the required pulse to activate the Rip Clip as the solenoid opens and closes.

Originally Posted by Orpackrat View Post
Personally, I would wire in a second micro switch behind the trigger and have it run, maybe even with a relay but a direct connect to the motor so full auto is continuous running but it can stop when you release the trigger.
The Rip Clip motor spins at a crazy speed when hooked directly to power. Taking out the board control would probably make it a blender. Of course the speed could be controlled by dropping the voltage to the motor. I much rather prefer the board to control the speed though.

I invested in the RF parts, I think it will be the cleanest way to get the job done. I may still try to wire it to the solenoid though and see how/if that works.

Thanks again for all of the ideas.
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