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First strike and its clones are cool, they work well in theory, but I hate when I take one that slides parallel to my skin. I took one on my right hand it sliced me open pretty good. The second time I took a parallel hit it caught my thumb. I had to superglue my skin back together to continue playing. When it happened I didn't even know I had been hit then several minutes later my buddy was like dude your thumb is gushing blood. I'm not trying to be a wuss, I just worry for the little ballers playing. It would not be very fun for them to make a trip to the hospital for stitches during a big game. You can see the scare here it start from the nail to the knuckle. Doesn't look bad now, nor do I care that I have a cool scare to add to the mix. I just don't like the idea of a razor flying through the air cutting up little kids.
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