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Originally Posted by scphantom9195 View Post
I would have tried it, but didn't think of it. That is why I posted asking for help. The way the soleniod connects to the board through the socket/pin setup would make it hard to solder onto, not much to attach to. I was trying to wire it to the trigger. I think wiring to the solenoid, if possible would work because in theory it would send the required pulse to activate the Rip Clip as the solenoid opens and closes.
What board are you looking at using. I thought that SP1/Vibe boards have the solenoid soldered right to the board. You could make some kind of splitter that plugs into the board then a Y split one to the solenoid one to the ground.
If you want I can make a diagram with ms paint of what I'm talking about.
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I always just assumed it was magic elves. i mean, it's really the only logical explanation, really.
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