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Originally Posted by DAVID(GEN) View Post
What board are you looking at using. I thought that SP1/Vibe boards have the solenoid soldered right to the board. You could make some kind of splitter that plugs into the board then a Y split one to the solenoid one to the ground.
If you want I can make a diagram with ms paint of what I'm talking about.
It is the stock SP1 board. The solenoid and hoses are one assembly that seperates from the board. The solenoid has 2 pins on it that plug into sockets that are on the board. The sockets do stick out the bottom of the board, and that is where the wires would have to be soldered onto since there isn't room between the solenoid assembly and the board once it is installed.

Here is a pic of the Virtue board. A quick search didn't show a pic of the stock board.

The sockets labeled "P3" are where the solenoid pins attach.

Here is what the solenoid assembly looks like:

A diagram would be helpful.

I am thinking if I use the circuit MondoMor made I can attach that to the solenoid sockets and see if it works. The mic only sends a small voltage to activate the Rip Clip. I have to try it for my own curiosity, even though I have the RF stuff on the way.

Here is what the Rip Clip board looks like:

The white wires are for the RF chip. The mic is the round thing with the black top on the lower right.

I missed your comment about the power draw....the Rip Clip has it's own power supply so I don't think it would draw too much power from the solenoid. The solenoid would be wired to where the sound activated mic was and would hopefully provide the pulse that needed to activate it in place of the mic.

Thanks again for the help.
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