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It looks like a fine marker. I would expect nothing less from Tiberius - HOWEVER, I can only say that PRAY that the stock comes off if you expect me to use a bottom line. As we all know, stocks are pointless on PB markers. WHen you have to wear goggles and use a mask a stock just gets in the way.

If you dont care about aiming and precision shooting and want to use the stock to be MilSim then they could have at least eliminated the bottom line and allowed for a 13cu tank where the rear stock is mounted.

With the advent of more mag fed games its an ok entry into the market. But really nothing innovative or new. I can at least credit Dye with that, despite their over priced gas hog, the DAM.

Not being negative but having owned countless guns throughout the years - everything from MilSim A5's to custom Vikings to a Clone GT.... this is nothing new. I would also have to wager that it eats gas like crazy. At least the rails are pretty... until you have to clean paint and shell off of them.
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