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CCI Lever Changer In Development

I spoke with Mike yesterday about a million different things. One thing that came up during our discussion was that Mike is working on a new lever changer that will thread into the back of his BBA dropout. Being a big fan of lever changers I was excited to hear the news.

Apparently, this is a work-in-progress. Mike is still trying to work out a few bugs - specifically that the changer allows a full 12-gram to eject too easily. As soon as he solves that little safety hazard he'll be offering them up for sale. A release date was not given, and I knew better than to ask. It will be ready when Mike finishes it, and not sooner.

Here is a sneak peek at a prototype...

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This was posted with Mike's permission. He asked me to let ya'll know that he's trying to keep everyone up to date with his Facebook page. Just "like" the CCI page and you'll hopefully be notified about the latest news from CCI.

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