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Get whatever brand your local field provides. I would stay away from big stores. Even the good paint sits on the shelves for a while.

Stay away from co-2. Go with HPA. The hammer is unregulated, so it will benefit from a HPA since its a reg'd air source. Ninja is the best choice.

Just go visit your field and people will help you. Its all part of the experience. Have fun, learn a few things, and meet new people.

I can go on and on about what you need to do and learn, but it is best learned through experience.

Originally Posted by SluggoSteel View Post
-Hammer 7 a good choice? I want to create great accuracy, thats most important to me, any recommendations on specific upgrades?

-What is a good brand or type of paintballs I should purchase? With quality first and budget a close second, what would be a good source of ammunition? Could I get something at Big 5, Walmart, or a local sporting goods store, or should I order off the internet?

-^^^ same question as above but with co2 and/or gas sources... Whats a good brand and best bang for my buck? Where do I get my tanks filled? With my Hammer 7, what size tank should I purchase?

-Anything I should know before I visit the local field for my first time? Outside of goggles and gloves, any other gear thats a must have?

thanks for reading and I appreciate all replies!
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