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Props to Jack for MCBing it up!

I wonder what kind of response this would've received if they'd just run the "hardline" straight forward out of the ASA and left the trigger frame to being just that? Instead of sort of having it hold air and look butt ugly and be in the way... toss in matching ano'd macro fittings and a length or two. I think the LPR is an actual improvement for stacked tube markers but overall I just can't stomach the aesthetics as it sits... it's ugly.

I also think Eclipse would get plenty of love if they did another run of cockers. E-Blade3 or not they'd get snatched up with the quickness. Empire beat them to it though... those look alright but my Revenge V2 is enough.

Also (on the topic of mech guns I'd wish for) it'd be rd to see a fully mechanical-pnuematic, i.e. non-electro (don't mention the X-Over or EMags please) spool marker. Base it on the Geo but use a plain old pneumatic/mechanical switch instead of a board, battery and noid. Make it have a light pull similar to an electro and market it for guys who are tired of buying batteries and for just in case your tourney takes place underneath a monsoon. It could do well... it could even be a drop in for a Geo perhaps...

Heck my Nova's are sick (huge) markers, very quiet at least (who farted?). Why not give the mech spoolie another shot? Sry for the essay, peace!
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