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This is the latest iteration of my Rig.
Thanks to Squirrel for recommendations on the chest rig.

Dual TipXs (tan versions, all stock. Considering adding barrels, maybe some light trigger work)
L/R full clip drop leg holsters (these are my second choice to the london bridge holsters, but I couldn't find a left handed version of that one).
Condor mcr3 with tuffgear 8 mag pouch and condor 1 mag pouch (adjustable)
nxe extraction belt with 2 condor m4 magazine pouches (for 7rnd pursuit pods), rap4 bottle pouch (I added additional velcro to make it better adjustable for size). Condor radio pouch. Eagle Dump pouch.
Double micro-bore ninja remote with slide checks (I considered other atachments, but I like having the ability to trigger the remotes without having them hooked up to the gun. Good for air-cleaning things)
Also, a Valken grenade pouch on the back of my left hip and a traveler 2 mag pouch modified to a molle panel on the front of the nxe belt.

sorry for not having a better pic. I will try to take some more detailed pictures when I have access to my gear again saturday.

Ran this rig for the first time at Road to no ends last weekend and it performed well. Except for minor tweaks, I believe this will be the rig I use for pistols for the foreseeable future. Routing the remote lines well is the biggest challenge, but so far, no snags.

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