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NINJABALL E2 - ENTER the NINJA - March 24th, 2013 - DBS OUTDOOR

Originally Posted by Los View Post
The action never stopped, it's just getting started!!!

Quit beating yourself up for missing E1 and register for E2,...NOW!!!!


I updated our website with a recap of E1 as well as the season standings.
Copied from original PBN Post.

Only a couple days after registration opened, there are already 6 teams registered for this event.

Any NW players, these are great events. Los, the producer, is a stand-up guy who is committed to provide the best event possible. They are professionally ran, and truly a ton of fun to play.

One unique feature about Ninjaball is that they have two free young guns divisions. That's right, free entry for young guns! The kids of today are the future of our sport, and Ninjaball makes it extremely affordable to offer them a taste of tournament paintball without having them get beat up on by older teams.

When you attend a Ninjaball event, you are attending an event produced by people who love paintball, and it shows. Everyone there is there because they want to be, and you won't find a better local league to play in.

Here are a couple photos from the first event on February 24, 2013 (so you can see what you missed).

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