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Some of my thoughts...

For a price point, I know people here on mcarterbrown may pay more for nostalgic value, but for newer players who just want to build a pump or semi I cant really see wanting to spend over 120$ for a body. After the initial onslaught of MCBer's buy up the bodies they want, the new design is going to have to appeal to the new auto cocker/pump market. As much as people on here might not like, changing the design to incorporate features that the current pump market wants would probably be a good idea

EDIT: OK I get it, this is going to be a very limited run. 300-400 is definitely more realistic.

For the design changes I may be a minority on some of these idea's but i might as well throw in my 2 cents.

Taking the sight rail off the top would clean up the gun, and make it easy to tell the difference between old and new ones. I personally have not seen too many people using oeg sights on centerfeed guns anymore.

With some of the newer tournament players, offering a mid blocked option may be a good idea if they actually want to add this product to their inventory.

120~ for a raw body
200~ ccm autotrigger kit
50~ stock wgp internals
20~ reg

The numbers here are obviously estimated, but you should look into what a person is going to have to spend to get the gun in working order, and then compare it to markers on the market (ccm, empire) to make a real decision on price.

Offer them as raw bodies, and maybe a few standard anno colors.

WTB RTR Gargoyle

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