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there's a huge discussion going on over at the Bioware forums about the EDI bot, I'll admit she is pretty powerful. But it's fun. I think really the main complaint is related to the free revive. The shotgun evo I think could maybe be dropped by a few percent, but really it has to do with how much more power shotguns have in general than snipers. I just saw a post relating that the damage bonus doesn't last as long with the shotgun.

If I understand it's an off host issue. If you decloak, snap freeze and then shoot, I don't think you get the shotgun bonus.

Does it feel broken and too strong? ya sorta. But you can kill oodles and oodles of enemies at range with a Salarian Infiltrator. I don't think it really matters too much. It's all about killing enemies as fast as you can anyway

I think I actually prefer the Cabal over EDI. I have noticed there is an issue sometimes with the poison strike not registering a hit. I think it has something to do with the cone size of the actual strike when she travels. They might fix that if they can? Otherwise I like her. Maybe I'll respec her at some point, but I'm enjoying her at the moment with what I picked originally. I mostly use the double dash as a quick in, shoot/blades/melee, dash out.

I think its great for large bosses. I bet it would be an amazing class to pair with a Justicar for reave and warp sphere and just keep spamming dash through it.

I'm sure there will be solo plat runs with it soon to see. Some people are just plain crazy (good) and her movement should keep her alive no problem while using dash for movement instead of as a traditional vanguard. Also her weapon passives seem to be really really good. I've seen people talking about using her without dash and turning her into a mobile soldier class. Sounds like it works well. I think the best thing about this character is its assortment of viable builds.
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