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Originally Posted by gunman_2000 View Post
there's a huge discussion going on over at the Bioware forums about the EDI bot, I'll admit she is pretty powerful. But it's fun. I think really the main complaint is related to the free revive. The shotgun evo I think could maybe be dropped by a few percent, but really it has to do with how much more power shotguns have in general than snipers. I just saw a post relating that the damage bonus doesn't last as long with the shotgun.
I think it has more to do with the selection of abilities than just one but the Tactical Cloak and Shotgun combo is pretty potent. Any Infiltrator can do this but EDI's tier 6 evolution for Tactical Cloak takes it a step further. You're looking at 65%+ more shotgun damage. I think this decision was more of Bioware joking around because it wasn't until recently that the Tactical Cloak Shotgun combo became a thing.

While the auto-revive is nice I think Repair Matrix is better used for the shield regeneration and damage reduction. It can make EDI a pretty resilient Infiltrator, right up there with the Turian Ghost.

Originally Posted by gunman_2000 View Post
If I understand it's an off host issue. If you decloak, snap freeze and then shoot, I don't think you get the shotgun bonus.
I think it's best to use Snap Freeze after your first shot. You may have to wait a second or two but Snap Freeze works a lot better when the enemy's shields are down. It also makes for a great AOEcone stun/knockback/interrupt ( that also goes through walls lol )

When it comes down to it though, it doesn't really matter. We're talking about a cooperative multiplayer game. I think the only people that want nerfs are the people who can't stand being out-scored.

Originally Posted by gunman_2000 View Post
I think I actually prefer the Cabal over EDI. I have noticed there is an issue sometimes with the poison strike not registering a hit. I think it has something to do with the cone size of the actual strike when she travels. They might fix that if they can? Otherwise I like her. Maybe I'll respec her at some point, but I'm enjoying her at the moment with what I picked originally. I mostly use the double dash as a quick in, shoot/blades/melee, dash out.
I think it's a bug or host sync issue. Some people have been reporting that it doesn't always hit or barely hits and does less damage than it's supposed to. I don't like Poison Strike and I'll probably drop it for the extra shields in the shield / melee tree. For a measly 1750 damage it puts you at a great disadvantage.

Have you seen or read anything on the 5th unlockable character? I read that it is a liberated Collector.

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