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I have held, shot and loved my S6 since the day that I bought the thing. Just an amazingly well put together piece of equipment that has withstood more epic (aka harsh) days on the field than I can remember. No gun has ever fit me so comfortably and no gun has required less maintenance. That said, a second CCM has always been in the cards and since the day that I laid my eyes on the S6.5, I've been aching to find an excuse to get my hands on one. This had been a multiple year yearning that would finally be quenched via a garage purging quickly followed by rapid fire craigslist listings.

Long story short, after selling a bunch of stuff that had been gathering dust in the garage and more importantly, receiving a pass from the wife, I slapped the dinero down on a brand new S6.5. I ordered it through our local CCM dealer shortly after the living room was cleared of the last bit of junk that I hadn't used in a year. Thus, the waiting began. Gun day comes, open the box and there it is...staring back at me...a beautiful, polished black piece of artwork, ready to do battle. However, in my initial check of the gun, I noticed that the drop and feedneck weren't what I had told the shop I wanted. And much to my dismay, I got the vibe that the shop felt that they may have not specified the details I wanted in the order. Bummer, however, not the end of the world...

Speaking to Mel on the next day of business reminded me of why I will NOT shop markers with anyone else but CCM. With not a second's hesitation, Mel says, "yeah, the order form was messed up. But no worries, we'll have the new parts out to you today. Stick the return parts in an envelope when you get a chance." Parts came 2 days later and fit/match like a dream. UNREAL!

While companies will often speak about how much they value their customers, it is very rare that they will actually stick their necks out to prove it. Put simply, CCM will not let you down.

A sincere thanks from yet again from yet another very satisfied customer. The gun is awesome and I could not be more stoked to finely get my hands on it!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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