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Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
Stanch.. why not just drill the frame for the air passage and into the body.. Some one did do that. Sealed with an odd ball oring and slot arrangement.
Along that same line, I sometimes think about making a block to take the place of the VASA on a full body, with whatever ports I'm needing at the moment.

I have a superbolt that runs somewhere under 200 psi (little gauge). I drilled and counter-sunk every hole in the front of it. Your hollow pump guide should be enough. I don't think my shots are getting into the regulator response. It's awfully consistent for that sort of thing.

I see Norgren has small tubing size push fittings in 10-32 in their catalog. I would like to find a source for those, just for future reference. If your LP hose proves too light for your project, maybe you can find something in between that and hard micro line.
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