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I think that the problem is not so much the parts but rather NOBODY knows what AKA and Vikings are. If you told most of the young groms on the field these days that AKA revolutionized the PB world, they would brush it off and kind of go 'oh, ok'. We have f***in Smart Parts to thank for that.

This is why I think they just head towards whats new. How can you explain to them that a marker made in 2004 is STILL better than most of the guns out there?? But I will say this... AND PLEASE dont get pissed at me... I really do believe MacDev picked up where AKA left off. We all know that the Cyborg was based off of the Viking but MD is really really dialed in as a company. I shot my Clone GT all last season - FLAWLESS and goddamn is it effortless to shoot.

In any case, the kids dont know and likely dont care because the Vikings are a bit heavier, have hoses and a bit of a taller profile. As for me, Ive got 3 right now and Im always looking for more. LONG LIVE THE VIKING!
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