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My comments are in red. Trick is to list em with good pics and an honest description. Set a fair price and wait for a buyer. They come along within a week or two. If not you are too high.

Originally Posted by fatboy6969 View Post
Damn, prices have gone down significantly. Especially with offers of $37.50 coming in haha. I paid $475 for the Excalibur in 2009. It was always maintained well but there's no denying that it was used hard by myself as well as previous owners. Since then I upgraded to the Tadao from a Pandora, added the trigger pin mod, screw kits, tool kit and air filter. I was hoping to see at least $500+ for it with the main selling points being the barrel, board, milling, eyes, noids and ano. Not to mention getting worked over at DC.

Being that used drives the price down and yes prices have gone down for all but the most rare items (eg your single trigger frame). You could part the board for 75$ ish (just sold one for that). Then you could still sell the gun with a was or some lesser board for 450$ or so. IMHO

I've been getting offers for the frame from $100-$150 and there's a lot of interest so I'm hoping to pull at least $150 for it.

I would sit on it till you get a full price offer of 150$. People want em that bad.

I thought STD's were more desirable and sold for more than a regular SCM. I remember them selling in the $100 range but I could be mistaken.

I just sold an unused STD for 100$ but I was happy to get it. Had to wait a week or so and keep it listed. I would say 75$ a pop is more realistic and used 50$ is about what I would expect.

I used to see MM's around $40 and I think I paid around that when I bought it. Hopefully I can get more than $20.

Nope they are only worth about 20$.

Can you still get the Warped pins? And these were never installed on anything, does anyone know what they cost new?

Check Destructive Customs out. They still stock em.

And $65 for the 2-liter? I'd be happy to sell it for that much considering how busted it looks and the fact that it needs a good cleaning. I'll list it for $65 and see if I get any bites. I'll probably be putting up a sale thread sometime this weekend and returning PM's to those who offered on the frame. Until then, please keep the opinions coming!
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