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Originally Posted by fatboy6969 View Post
I do plan on waiting to hear back from the one who might buy everything, but if not I may go with Bartman's idea: PM'ing anyone interested of the date and approximate time that the thread will go up and first come first serve. Ebay could drive the price higher than $150 but it might also backfire. If people think it'll go for way too much then it could turn away a lot of buyers and not sell for as much as I'd like. It's risky but I won't discard that option completely. I guess we'll see how the next couple days go.
I say list it at 175$ shipped and sell based on a simple rule like "first one to pm me and ask for paypal address gets it." If there is that much interest you have every right to ask more and let the buyers sort themselves out. Post here when you will list it and go from there. That way you don't have to sort through a bunch of pm's and second guess who what when. You give em all a fair chance and get the best price. No ebay fees no risks and you are not doing anything rude. You asked for pricing not a list of people interested in buying.
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