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Originally Posted by Bigtuana View Post
I've used the scenario dreams fin thingamabobs. Range was hardly increased at all; most likely just because of the added weight.

After testing them I would never buy them.
I think you hit the nail on the head. The Scenario Dreams product places too much weight behind the ball thus causing an erratic flight trajectory. Still it's something to fart around with.

Something I noticed about FSR is the paint lasts for days. By that I mean I shot a neighbor's roof last week, he hass a huge black roof and well it's huge and easy to hit at a distance. Well we had a blizzard, snow rain, sleet well today as I glanced at the spot where I placed the round the white paint is still just as visible as the day I shot it.

Thank goodness I only shot one round or someone might notice it, looks like bird poo.

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