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I'm curious to see the consistency in normal use. Something tells me the HES is required by design.
The Mech Mule ran really good consistency, as good as you could get with paint in use. no board, no HE sensor. all the real magic is from the spring on the spool.

The HE sensor is not needed for normal use. we could simply lock the dwell at 8ms or 30, or whatever. It's main purpose is to keep the dwell right where it needs to be to take into account larger changes, Stuff like FSDO, or major temp changes between days(or hours) of play. or not enough Lube.


p.s. i guess i should note, I was the youngest of the three at the J4 booth at PBE... I'm head of the electronics. But also assisted in getting the mule running 2ish years ago...
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