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I'll be waiting for the matching E-cocker due about this time next year. Maybe a three marker matched set (Empire Sniper, Resurrection, {insert name here}).

I like them all. I also adhere to a simple set of rules that works for me. 1. I don't mess with the tuning. 2. I find someone I trust and pay them to take care of it for me.
I mess with enough markers, and having had to pay for the tuning of one out of about 10 autocockers tells me I'm right for rule #1, for me. I'm down to one for now and it works great, I have other markers to spend frustration on.

As for an E version, I have enjoyed the magic and splendor of getting up and hammering away at something, and watching the heads turn. Must be something about that mechanical sound that inspires people to move( myself doing the same). Love that E-cocker singing.
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