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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
Back blocks. That's WGPs intellectual property. It's what they used when fighting Action Markers on the Illusion.
Do you have any link to the IP on back blocks? I do not know of any and am pretty familiar with the IP that KEE acquired after buying JT who bought WGP.

WGP tried to trademark the look of their guns, including the back block, but they really didn't create any IP to protect the autococker as far as I am aware. They went after people on trade dress and trade marks, not patents.

It was later on when they looked to sell that they started creating more IP and trying to get trade dress on the look of their guns and even trademarking the "sound" an autococker made when shooting.

I am not aware of any IP that would stop someone from making a gun with a back block, but if there is I would love to see it.

Also when did the Sniper first get released? Since that had a back block and would have been prior art any patent would have had to have been filed within a year of that being shown or be invalid.
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