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Originally Posted by boltaction View Post
Delrin. Also "Maggot" here on MCB makes some nice, chunky, Delrin grips that I might be replacing these with. I have 'em on my 6.5 and they are just the business.

I made the forgrip out of some CF tubing from Hong Kong and some fittings from work.
check out the G-10 grips that mike780 makes on AO as well!
G-10 Grip Panels

im liking tha way the ano fades to black as back of tha body meets with the X-Valve...looks great!!! so does the fore grip...what was the inner diameter of the tubing? can it house a a Micro Rock w/a 90* barb fitting? or a WGP LPR w/a 90* barb fitting???
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