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Originally Posted by saber63 View Post
Currently its between the pic18, and a pic24. They are pin compatible, so it will depend more on what the final code needs.

As for the fab, that's up in arms still. I have 4-6 that i have used for proto's at work. But that was all .08" bga's and 0201 type stuff. Once the layouts and BOMs all done its getting put out for quote. But they are good for quick turns with low counts.

Sorry no brass stock. But I know ill be making brass eye covers for mine

0201, that's some pretty small stuff. And, the 80 mil BGAs are definitely down there. I'm stuck with using 0603s and 100 mil BGAs at work because of manufacturing and reliability issues. As for the PIC16 vs. 24, there are some fundamental differences due to the 24 actually being designed as a true 16-bit micro. It'll be interesting to see what you come up with.

It's cool getting to discuss this kind of stuff with the guys actually designing a new marker!
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