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Number one is a tie for me:
- Safety, as many have said if the refs/staff do not enforce the rules then i will not be playing there
- Price, I am a poor 15 yr old that has to work hard for my monthly to bimonthly play(one of the reasons tha ti play pump atleast half of the time). If a field is goind to charge 60 dollars on a case and not have BYOP then i probably won't be there.
- variety of fields, in the past 2 tears or so i have really gotten into airball. However, i still enjoy playing woddsball/unique games with a pump or mech gun.
- the type of palyers there, i am not a fan off the AGG LEEt speak but i cna put up with some if the majority of palyers are good
- how well is the field run, do you have to wait 15 min. between games or do the refs give you jsut enough time to fill up on air/paint and grab a drink.
- Food/Drink/Restrooms, If a field provides limited or no snacks, has crummy water, and a "hole in the ground" for a restroom then i will probably not show up very often.

My favorite place to play is Hit and Run Paintball because they have great refs tha twatch out for everyone, plenty of woodsball fields, one speedball field(with 3 more expected in the next few months), good facilities and food/drinks, a nice large shaded staging area, and decent prices (if you BYOP)
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