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update: all the spyders are cleanup up and resealed. one burps and i think after i change the spring i should be ok. the other seal and cycle as they should. The mag took the longest and it was my first time taking one apart. the way the trigger rod was setup it wasnt possible to get it to cycle. i took it apart no less than 10 times to adjust it before i looked it up. im an idiot. i assembled almost everything back right the first time. i messed up the reg. on the back i had the regulator nut screwed into the outside of the regulator body. As many of you already know it is not possible to get pressure to the gun and although it was sealed, i couldnt get the trigger to fire it. So there i was stuck thinking the trigger rod wasnt aligned (originally it really wasnt and im sticking to it) after i looked up trigger rod spacing and knew i had it i noticed my obvious flaw. I slid the nut inside where it belongs and what do you know... works great now. I traded the pitted rail for a stock one i had and ill have to fix that mess later. the maverick was fun and simple. the talon works after a few rings and one vulcan. i ran out of 12 grams before i finished the other vulcan. both cockers are leaking from the front block. the ac leaks reg until you adjust and then 3way leak begins. the mini is 3 way. they need timed and i havent started that mountain. the masks need new straps and im going to try and sew one. lol. i might be better off taping it directly to someones head but to buy new straps or even used i think would cost too much. wish me luck on that and if anyone ever has tried it please share any tips. thanks for the interest. Zac
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