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Originally Posted by moving_target View Post
There were some comments earlier about the high quality of the pneus, and honestly, I would expect the grips to be held to a lower quality standard than the rest of the gun, because who cares if the "made in taiwan" doesn't come out perfectly?
A Shocktech Bomb 3way, Belsales .44 ram, and AKA SCM LPR appear to be what those pneumatics are designed after. The only one of those things I could see them messing up is the 3way. However we already know it's super short by design. Lets just hop it's smooth as well.

And those grips are actually very nice. They came with the Sniper. They even have a palm swell. And as long as Kee isn't making the pneumatics by using a mold, I think they will be okay
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