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There were some comments earlier about the high quality of the pneus, and honestly, I would expect the grips to be held to a lower quality standard than the rest of the gun, because who cares if the "made in taiwan" doesn't come out perfectly?
The whole marker is made in Taiwan. For that price point they could of contracted it out to any number of American or Canadian shops, its not like this is a high volume production piece. With all the struggling airsmiths who are exiting the business I think it's a slap in the face. Its all the cocker shops that made the cocker famous, in the hands of WGP that thing would have been a relic ages ago.

I wouldn't even care if the pneus were made in China, if Kee is looking to bring back a cocker aftermarket you'd have to manufacture that part overseas in order to get a variety of options and upgrades year after year.

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