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My mech '96 evolution is still competitive, so I have no doubt of that. I really hope the second part of your comment holds true. It would suck to have our original twister values tank as a result of a flood of new relatively inexpensive bodies. I hate to sound like a snob (I know I do), but those of us who already own the original twisters were kind of on the fence with this whole project (not that we really have a say). Let's hope it turns out well.
As a younger guy who got into the sport "late in the game" after the rise of SmartParts and their dominance of the tourney scene, I hate to say it, but you do sound like a snob.

If you truly LOVE oldschool paintball, as I do, even though I wasn't around to live it in the actual era, why would you want to deny the next generation the pleasure of playing with real works of mechanical art? Just to protect the value of your current hoard? Not very "spirit of the game" minded.

I'm SO excited every time I see the revival of older tech, the revival of pump play, the revival of REAL high-end anodizing (not two-tone color contrast bull-crap).

If people who missed out on the "golden age" of paintball still want to experience it, LET THEM! Screw marker values, if you're in it for the value of your markers, you're in the wrong hobby.

I'm in it for the love of the game and the love of mechanical art. Anything that advances those two objectives in my view advances the sport of paintball.
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I laughed beer out of my nose upon realizing you are a gay boy with a gun with that comment. Thanks, you owe me some beer.

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