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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Single tail or tail-less bolts will CYCLE, however they're not shutting off the dump chamber or mechanically controlling the dwell, so the dump chamber is staying open (and losing efficiency) until you let go of the trigger every shot. This should also result in wild swings in velocity, so if you're not already running a dual tail o-ring bolt with a mech ion or eNMEy, you should be.

My question is, what would happen if someone were to build a dual tail o-ringed bolt with a smaller gap between the two o-rings, so that the mechanical dwell was even further reduced? I can't find the source anywhere (have been looking for days) but I remember reading a few years back how a dual tail o-ring bolt has something in the neighborhood of 20-25 MS of mechanical dwell. I know I've lowered dwell on an L6 bolted Ion to less than that with no ill results, so what if we narrowed the space between the o-rings so the mechanical dwell were, say, 15-18 MS?
But then there is a question, whether the narrowing of the gap, should be biased toward either of the oring, or centered on some specific point?
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