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Originally Posted by 808Jackal View Post
A care package from Ton6ixers...

As you can see, well packed...

The parts were separated by color...

Then each part was wrapped so well I had to cut carefully to get the open!

Was given a nice sticker to boot...

And here are the parts...

Really came through on the work. Turn around time was two weeks less than he quoted. No blemishes clean even ano. All my parts fit perfect. Totally awesome work! Ano was right on the money for what I was looking for.

I spent 2 hours putting it together only to find that I am missing two parts to complete it LOL. Lost my gargoyle stabilizing rod and pump arm somewhere...

Anyone happen to have an extra? LOL
Without looking at the Devastator picture at the end he's the first thing I thought of when I saw the colors.

Totally badass.

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