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Tippmann Crossover now $349

From Tippmanns official blog:

Paintball players get ready. Last year, we launched our revolutionary Crossover marker – a lightweight, high performance electro-pneumatic marker designed to perform for all players regardless of conditions or style of play. Today, we are excited to announce that the price of the Crossover will be dropping to $349 – making the industry-leading technology even more accessible to players everywhere.

We’re lowering the price of the Crossover based, in part, on feedback from players who felt that the total purchase of the Crossover with the required electronic loader should be closer to the total price of the X7 Phenom which does not require a separate loader. Players told us they wanted to take full advantage of the speed and durability of the marker but asked us to get the total cost closer to the X7 Phenom. We listened, so to do our part to keep paintball affordable, we lowered the price dramatically to only $349.
Paintball Players Get Ready...Crossover is now $349!
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