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Dear Tippmann,

I have enjoyed your product. I started with a 98 custom sixteen years ago. I bought everything you put out for the 98 from that time on. I have raved about your product, sold it in the store, and after that closed recommended it to every new player. Even sixteen years later I dream about the times I had with my simple 98. I have since grown and left for other electos and pumps. Then last year a glimer of hope the crossover was born! I wanted to buy one so bad, but alas no auto cocker thread option and the price point was a tad high. This kind of marketing is bs. I expected more from you. I expected better. To lower the marker price by that much in less than a year says one of two things to me. One, your price point was too high to begin with, or two you have no respect for your own design. I feel bad for who ever bought one, knowing the used price is now $280.00 a $150.00 loss in less than a year. I am truly disappointed.

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