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1. CCM SR-1
2. Have been using the stock barrel. Just purchased the Lapco .683 FSR barrel
3. I have made an elimination at 225' (I paced it off after the game)
4. Using CO2 I average +/- less than 4 fps over a optical chrono
5. I have the 2nd generation APR and 4x 32 scope from Tiberius. I have a cheap bi-pod on the front that does the job. I have a app on my cell phone I use for range finding in game.
6. Using the shells I can reload in under 5 seconds if I am set up in my position properly.
7. More than I care to think about. More to come I am sure.
8. Not a single problem yet. My only complaint is the requirement to move the stock out of the way to adjust velocity (A very minor inconvenience when switching fields with different limits.)
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