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mine shot great for the first 100 shots, then it started eating orings
(the relief hole above the trigger)

i saw metadyne at supergame last year, they said the newer ones dont have that hole

his story:
we were worried about them overpressurizing and blowing up and rushed them out the door to ship, we drilled a hole in the valve so that they cant blow up

after they got caught up, they sent one to testing and it took 8,000psi to burst, so it wasnt needed, then they found out the hole location was closer to the 800psi then they expected, so it tries to eat the oring everytime it overpressurizes

i drilled/plugged/reamed my hole closed, havnt had a problem with it yet (20 shots)
i need to replumb the air so i can do a little more testing
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