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Originally Posted by Brueggeman View Post
so those who have had this gun is it worth getting? i love my 98 but hard to play speedball with it so being able to have both on the same gun would be nice just havent heard very much about this gun. and now that the price dropped it is in my price range. please list some pros and cons
Originally Posted by JOESPUD27 View Post
I like my Crossover, I didn't pay $420. I've wanted a centerfeed Tippmann for years. Yes, you could mod a Model 98 for CF, but it was still 4ft long.

It's light, efficient, and smooth. (No, not DM/Droid smooth) Doesn't sound like any Tippmann I've owned before. I bought it for the Mech mode. SAY WHAT!?! Yeah, I enjoy the mechanical mode more than the electronic mode. It's got all the firing modes for E-mode anyway, plus eyes. I'm not sure if people are hating it just because it's a Tippmann or what. (NOT SAYING IT'S THE SAME AS AN AXE) People weren't huge on the Axe either when it came out, but now they have a following and multiple wins in the Axe camp. Just saying.

The only things I don't like: Packaging - Just a cardboard box? Ouch
ASA - I like the macroless design, but the ASA and my tank setup make the gun a little longer than I prefer. You can run your own reg and ASA though, so you aren't locked in.
Barrel - 12in .689 + huge bore. I get it, big bore because people will shoot crap paint through it. Also wish it was Cocker threads, but I get why it isn't.

Did Tippmann price it a little high? Maybe
Does Tippmann have a lot of competition in that range? Absolutely

I've since shot the one I sold local. It now has a techt bolt. If you want a nice mech gun, buy one.


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