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Beautiful Red and Silver Bob Long Alias

***TRADED TO xxx(muffinman)xxx***

This is my gloss red and silver 2005 Bob Long Alias. I’ve had this beauty for about 6 years now, and I’ve heavily upgraded it over time. So why am I selling it? Well, it’s my backup, and since my main is an Etek4 I never have to use it. But mainly I’ve got my eye on the new LV1 and am trying to get some funds to make that purchase happen. So sadly, it’s probably time to part ways.

I doubt you’ll find a more complete Alias package anywhere.

More Pictures here. I took a picture of every imperfection, there are no secrets here. You get exactly what you see. If you want pictures of something, let me know and I'll get ya some.

• Item(s) for sale: 2005 Bob Long Alias Intimidator
• Condition:8.5/10
• Color: Gloss Red / Silver
• Known Problems: None.
• Trades of interest: Newer Egos, Geo 2.1/3s, G6Rs, Victory V2s - I'll add. Vampire colors prefered. You came here, you ship first. I have more positive feedback on other forums.
• Price: $450 Shipped

Upgrades: (with the price I paid):
• Red Critical Trigger $50
• Tadao Yakuza OLED USB (NEW) $180
• Red Bob Long Gear Drive ASA $60
• CCM Silver and Red Feedneck $25
• Smaller Guage $15
• Silver CP .685 1 Piece Barrel $30
• Stainless Steel Screw Kit $15
• Macroline stuff $10
Total Spent on Upgrades: $385

What’s Included:
• Marker in ORIGINAL BOX! (It’s a little old, but I still have it)
• All of the upgrades installed
• All of the default parts I upgraded from (grips, gauge, trigger, board, barrel, feedneck, etc)
• Two things of DOW 55 lube
• One thing of Triflow
• 2 O-ring Kits
Necro Ram - Supposedly you can get your LPR down to about 40psi with it. There wasn’t a spring light enough so you have to run it springless, which is why I never used it. If memory serves me correct I heard figures of 2200 shots off a 68/45 with the Necro Ram. Cool stuff, spent $30 on it.
• Blue Redz soft marker case

I'm at school right now, I'll uplaod a picture of everything included when I get home next week.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!
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